The 5 stages of pre-exam breakdowns

Hittade en facebook grupp som passar mig perfekt just nu :P

The 5 stages of pre-exam breakdowns

1. denial (don't worry its fine - its all good, i can deal with it, it wont be to hard, no worries)

2. Anger - are you fucking kidding me!! this is shit - i dont know any of this how do they expect us to remember this?? "hey mate, calm down" - dont you fucking tell me to calm down - you can fuck off

3. bargaining

Shit i wish i didnt have to do this - its all over, im going to fail. I would do anything to not have to do this, just one more day to study, anything to get out of this

4. depression

its fucked, im fucked, its all over - HSC over, im never going to pass, just give up now and drop out

5. acceptance

yes i finally acknowledge i am fucked - but nonetheless i will do this exam anyway and hopefully get through it somehow

Namn: Ulrika

Jag är deifitivt i stage 5... bara att hålla tummarna ;)

2010-04-20 @ 16:47:35

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